Guardians Of the Children (GOC) U.S. would like to acknowledge that there is a group calling themselves Guardians of the children Canada. They are not affiliated with the USA GOC Organization. Tim Kapitan, a former member who was once trusted with the role of Ambassador in Canada, incorporated a group in Canada using our organization name without our knowledge or consent. Tim Kapitan believes that our property belongs to him and continues to issue our patches and sell our trademark-protected property. Trademark laws have been broken; however, it is going to take some time to get this matter resolved. For the time being, if you choose to associate with Tim’s Guardians of the children Canada, please do not confuse them with us as they are not affiliated nor ever will be.


Guardians Of the Children U.S. does still have Chapters in Canada that are affiliated and have a working agreement with the U.S. Organization.   These Chapters are listed below. For more information regarding GOC in Canada contact (Reaper) Our Canadian Ambassador

Provice Chapters President's E-Mail Address
Manitoba Canada
Alberta Strathmore
New Brunswick Saint John
Prince Edward Island Charlottetown
Ontario Ottawa
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